• What to Look at When Searching for the Perfect Emergency Tiller


    Several years ago, we at Marine Electronics set out to evaluate the quality of emergency tillers at various boat shows. These tillers are crucial when the regular steering system fails, often due to a cable break.  Despite their importance, our search for a reliable emergency tiller yielded disappointing results. Fast forward to today, and the situation remains largely unchanged. While more robust direct-linkage steering systems have gained popularity, many new boats still feature the less reliable cable-and-sheave systems, accompanied by poorly designed emergency tillers. As such, we have established criteria for what constitutes a well-designed emergency tiller. Whether you have…

  • A Guide to Upgrading Your Onboard Electronics Using N2K


    Marine electronics have come a long way from the early days of basic GPS and rudimentary fish finders. Today’s equipment includes advanced multi-function displays, high-definition radar, autopilots, and other high-tech systems.  For a modern vessel, seamless communication between these gadgets is essential.  Enter NMEA 2000, a communications protocol that streamlines the way marine devices share information. Upgrading your onboard electronics to NMEA 2000 ensures a unified, efficient, and flexible network.  Here’s how to go about it. Why Choose NMEA 2000? The NMEA 2000 is an upgrade from its predecessor, NMEA 0183. It allows for a plug-and-play experience with faster data rates…

  • A Side-by-Side Comparison Between the Simrad TP10 and Raymarine ST1000 Plus


    The Simrad TP10 and Raymarine ST1000 Plus are both tiller pilots designed to automate steering for small to medium-sized sailboats.  While both units aim to provide sailors with convenient, hands-free navigation, they come with distinct features, designs, and capabilities that may make one more suitable than the other depending on your specific needs. In this side-by-side comparison, we’ll look at how both tiller pilots fare with each other in certain aspects. Performance Both tiller pilots are designed for similar ranges of boat sizes and displacements. The Simrad TP10 is optimized for boats up to 32 feet in length and 3.7…