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December 2, 1996 - Tarpon Springs, Florida -- Your best friend balks with the thought of sharing his coordinates for his favorite fishing
or diving spots. He has spent many hours or even days searching the seas for the right ones and of course to him they are his
treasures. Researching sites of wrecks and reefs could take months sitting in libraries plowing through heaps of books or you can
buy a book that already has had all of this work done for you.

Have you ever dreamed of having just a handful of LORAN-C and/or GPS Numbers. Everyone we have met says that all of those
elusive “numbers” are secrets and if you are without those “numbers,” chances are you won’t go fishing or diving as often just out of
frustration. There is a solution at hand and we have found a book that is an absolute must for all fisherman, divers, and boaters.

Captain Rod and Susie Stebbins have authored a book titled “COASTAL LORAN AND GPS COORDINATES.” This book has taken
sixteen years of research to date to produce over 9,400 destinations. This comprehensive book has coordinates for wrecks, reefs
(man-made and natural), fishing hot spots for the entire United States and Canadian coastal seaboard and features the Great Lakes,
all of the Gulf of Mexico, the Florida Keys, Florida Bay and the ever popular Florida Middle Grounds, the Dry Tortugas, and the
Caribbean. The book contains chapters sorted by the state, county and latitude making it very easy to determine where you want to
start. Each destination lists the LORAN-C and GPS (Lat/Lon) numbers.

So why waste your valuable time, gas, and money trying to find a place to go fishing or diving when all you have to do is get a copy
of one of their books from. This series of four books are considered to be the Fishing and Diving Coordinate

In addition to being the largest collection of destination coordinates you will find valuable information on diving, cruising, fishing, and
of course do not miss (Susie’s Award Winning Seafood Recipes). There are chapters on the LORAN-C system, GPS navigation and
a whole lot of humor and much more.

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