Sowester Ltd. offers the IC-M3 Euro, a VHF handheld transceiver designed
for reliable, simple and safe operation. Engineered for one-handed use,
the unit's front panel provides access to all main channel functions.
Features include large, easy-to-use controls; a fully illuminated display;
and a battery case that can also be used with alkaline cells for emergency
back-up. For more information, call +44 1 202 667700 or Email


SI-TEX Marine Electronic's RADAR PC is a radar sensor designed to feed data
directly to a personal computer. This unit provides the flexibility and
power of a traditional radar system right on the computer screen, as well
as the ability to overlay radar images on nautical charts. The Visual
Mariner Plus Software included with this system is engineered to control
radar settings such as gain, desired range, EBL/VRM, GuardZone, rain
clutter (FTC) and SEA clutter. For more information, call +1 727 576 5995
or visit


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