Magellan 5000 & 10DLX Up/Down Load to Personal Computers

Recently, there has been a lot of requests for instructions on how to upload and download
data to and from personal computers. While the following is offered to those folks with IBM
Compatible and Macintosh Computers, it is worthy to note that doing the following will also
apply to those with DOS and/or Windows operating systems.



Windows Applications:

The NAV5000DLX's transfer/send window in the lower right hand corner, set the strip line feed to OFF. While in the terminal, go to
settings, select communications and set the following settings:

4800 Baud,
8 Bits,
1 Stop Bit,
Parity - None,
Flow Control -XON/XOFF,
No Parity Check
No Carrier Detect.

Be sure to follow the instructions very carefully and everything will work just fine. If for any reason you experience problems please
contact Magellan Systems in San Dimas, California directly. You might start with Customer Service.

We also would like to thank Magellan Systems for their contributions to this effort, for were they to have not offered their support and
input we could not have been able to offer the following procedures. Now, for the good stuff; NAV 5000DLX waypoints are formatted
for transmission one of two ways:

1. $GPWPL,llll.ll,a,yyyyy.yy,a,c--c*hh where:

llll.ll a = Latitude in degrees ( n/s)
yyyyy.yy a = Longitude in degrees ( e/w)
c--c = Waypoint ID
hh = Checksum

2. $PMGNWPL,iiii.iii,ayyyyy.yyy,a,nnnnn.nnn,nn,c--c,c*hh where:

iiii.iii a = Latitude
yyyyy.yyy a = Longitude
nnnnn.nnn = Altitude in meters above mean sea level
nnn = Waypoint number
c--c = Waypoint ID
c = Waypoint icon
hh = checksum

CHECKSUM is the exclusive-ORing of all characters in the command string starting at the first character after the "$" and stopping
at the last character before the "*". If the "*" and the checksum value are not part of the string, then no checksum validation is

DOWNLOADING - When downloading, the 5000DLX looks for a message at the end of the file.

TRANSFERRING FILES TO AND FROM A PC - The Magellan 5000DLX can transfer waypoint files to and from a PC. On the PC, you
can use any text editor to modify the waypoints and then load (send) these back to the 5000DLX.

To TRANSFER FILES, Do the following:
First, connect the Magellan PC Interface cable between your PC and the Magellan 5000DLX. The five pin connector attaches to the
5000DLX, while the nine-pin connector attaches to your PC's comport. Make sure that you are using the light gray version of the
cable (P/N 23-10111-000).


1. Bring up the communications software on your PC. The Communications settings should be 8 bits, no parity, and one stop
bit. In addition, there should be no translation on the line feeds and carriage returns.

2. Command your PC to download, select the ASCII file transfer protocol, and name the file.

3. Press AUX, 7, and ENTER on the NAV 5000DLX.

4. Select Upload (your choice, Magellan of NMEA -- the Magellan format maintains the icons and the NMEA does not).

5. Press ENTER twice, and the 5000DLX will send the waypoints to your PC. You should now have a waypoint file in your PC.


1. You may use any text editor to alter your waypoints.

2. After editing, be sure to remove every checksum. These are the last few characters of each waypoint that appear on each
line. Erase everything to the right of the asterisk, including the asterisk itself.


1. Press AUX, 7, and ENTER on the NAV 5000DLX.

2. Select DOWNLOAD.

3. Press ENTER twice. The 5000DLX is now ready to accept waypoints. Remember that this process will replace and erase
all waypoints stored in your unit.

4. In your communications software, select Upload.

5. Pick out a Magellan waypoint file to upload, and use the ASCII file transfer protocol.

6. You'll see the NAV 5000DLX display messages that it is receiving waypoints. Wait until the processing stops.

7. If you know how, use your communications software to send a line feed and carriage return. Otherwise, press any key on
the NAV 5000DLX to get out of the download mode. The NAV 5000DLX should now contain all of the waypoints in your file.


1. Keep in mind that anytime you send waypoints from the PC to the 5000DLX, you will erase all waypoints and routes in the

2. Be careful when editing waypoints on a PC that you don't inadvertently give two waypoints the same name. If you do, the
first waypoint will be overwritten and lost during the upload to the Magellan 5000DLX.


1. Verify that you ASCII file transfer protocol is set to no translations for line feeds and carriage returns.

2. Make usre that you communications settings are 8 bits, one stop bit, and no parity.

3. Check that you have set your communications software to a baud rate of 4800.

4. If you have changed the baud rate in the NAV 5000DLX, ensure the baud rate matches the rate set in your communications

5. Verify that your communications software is set to correct the comport for your PC.

6. You must use a newer (Light gray) Magellan power-data cable. If your cable is black in color, it will not work with the
upload/download process.

7. Your owners manual for the NAV5000DLX has a diagram of the wiring schematic - see page 4-6 under the chapter
Maintenance. This describes the color coded wiring harnesses for the NMEA Data Cable and the PC Interface Cable.

POPULAR COMMUNICATION PACKAGES - CrossTalk, ProComm, Relay Gold, QModem Plus and HyperAccess Gold.

These software packages are available at any software store or distributor. There are also some communications programs available
through shareware and may be downloaded from online services and bulletin boards.

NOTE : These instructions only apply to the NAV 5000DLX. The NAV 5000DX contains a different waypoint format.

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