Preparing coax for an F connector.

Spin-on F connector showing coax cable preparation prior to connector installation.
Note stray piece of shield that could potentially short to the center conductor.

f-185F.JPG (45161 bytes)

Note the wire shielding swept back (below) ready to accept the spin on connector.
Ensure that the foil shield does not short to the center conductor.

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Spin on F connectors in chrome and gold plate are normally in stock for RG-59 and RG-6.

All television (RF) coaxial cables have an impedance of 75 ohms. RG-59, RG6, and RG-11
are examples of 75 ohm cables. The designation of a cable is based on its
dielectric (insulation) diameter not its outside diameter.

Dielectric Diameters O.D. (outside diameter)

RG-59 .146 inches
RG-6 .180 inches
RG-6A .185 inches
RG-11 .280 inches


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