Jonathan Selby, Managing Director of Xaxero Marine Software Engineering, Ltd. of Auckland, New Zealand has announced that NavCom Digital of Houston,Texas will distribute their popular WeatherFax 2000 system in North America.

Coretex of Stuart, Florida, formerly represented the system, which was previously called Weather Fax for Windows.

Steven Bowden, President of NavCom Digital said, "We are pleased to represent Xaxero products in North America. They have the well-deserved reputation for developing the best performing and easiest to use weather software systems on the market. As computers aboard boats continue to proliferate, NavCom Digital will offer more quality products to dealers to meet the need."

WeatherFax 2000 is a hardware and software system that permits users to receive satellite weatherfax images, charts, navigational telex (NAVTEX), Telex, and Morse code that are broadcast free from land based high frequency (HF) transmitters on single sideband (SSB) frequencies. The system software runs on a personal computer (PC) using the Microsoft Windows operating system. The system hardware consists of a compact demodulator that connects between the HF radio and the PC serial port.

The software can run in the latest Microsoft Windows operating systems and is easy to install and set up. The system offers a completely new concept in weatherfax reception called multitasking. The fax software can run in the background, unattended, while the computer is utilized for other tasks such as navigation. Yet, when it is needed, the software displays and prints crisp, detailed weather photos and maps. In addition, it can receive text weather information in remote locations, by using either Morse code or NAVTEX.

WeatherFax 2000 features include full compatibility with Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, or 2000 operating systems, complete context sensitive help including a detailed tutorial, timer for unattended reception with database, advanced image processing capability, worldwide weather fax frequencies and schedules, and software controls for selected HF radios.

Minimum system requirements include 16 MB of RAM, available COM port, Mouse or other pointing device, Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, or 2000, and a SSB or HAM general coverage radio receiver.

Xaxero Marine Software Engineering, Ltd. can be contacted at P. O. Box 1 West Park Village, West Harbour, Auckland 1250, New Zealand. website:

NavCom Digital can be contacted at P.O. Box 1352, Kemah, Texas 77565 telephone 800.444.2581 or 281.334.1174, fax 281.334.3320,


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