Sea Tel Committed to Giving Mariners the Freedom to
Stay Connected While at Sea


Concord, CA, October 25, 2000 - Sea Tel announced today the launch of its new site The site will serve as a benchmark in Sea Tel's commitment to pioneering the way to affordable, interactive Internet access for the maritime community. Sea Tel, the leader in designing and manufacturing marine stabilized satellite antennas for vessels 26 feet and up, is working around the clock to deliver what customers want, expect, and deserve. With, Sea Tel will give the maritime community the freedom to stay connected.

In the same manner that Sea Tel pioneered and brought TV-at-Sea to the leisure boating market, the company is striving to make fast and affordable. Moreover Sea Tel plans to bring the maritime community an Internet-at-Sea service that rivals what customers have become accustomed to on land. By working with industry leading suppliers of Ku-band satellite services, ISP Services and Internet service integrators, Sea Tel is alpha testing its new Internet-at-Sea services, which should be available to mariners early in 2001. The system will initially be asymmetric and will link DBS or FSS high-speed data downloads with up-link (often called "back-haul') services provided by GlobalStar, Mini-M Inmarsat or MSAT. The power and coverage area of the satellite will determine the size of the antenna required. The objective is to provide unlimited high-speed Internet services to mariners at an acceptable monthly cost.

Customers who are interested in receiving affordable, high speed Internet access on their boats can keep abreast of the latest developments by visiting, and can be assured that Sea Tel will deliver a viable product to them in the near future.

Sea Tel has installed over 18,000 operating systems around the globe and is the world's leading manufacturer of marine stabilized antenna systems for satellite communications and satellite television at sea. Sea Tel markets its products globally and has a responsive worldwide service support network. With dishes ranging from 13 inches to 12 feet in diameter, Sea Tel provides all types and sizes of private, commercial, and Navy vessels with the right antenna system for their applications of satellite communications and satellite TV-at-Sea.

For more information about Sea Tel products or to have a Sea Tel representative call you, contact a Sea Tel dealer near you.


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