Stentec Software proudly presents …
the most realistic sailing simulator ever!


Sail Simulator 4.0 is the latest version of the successful Sail Simulator range.

By using only the latest hard- and software capabilities, Stentec succeeded in developing the most realistic sailing simulator ever. Sail Simulator 4.0 is not only a “fun to play” game but is also the most ideal environment for sailing and navigation training on the PC.

Options never seen before in sailing simulation games are used to make sailing on the PC more realistic and fun.

In Sail Simulator 4.0 the user can sail in a self selected 3-D sailing area with dynamic waves and realistic behaving boats. The unique Stentec Control Unit with tiller, sheet and weight controls gives the user the idea of controlling a real boat. By connecting a force feed back joystick it is even possible to feel the forces generated by the mainsheet and rudder.

Over the internet or a network, it is possible to sail with several other boats in one sailing area. This multiplayer option enables the user to create training situations or organise regattas with competitors from all over the world.

By selecting different boats, sailing areas or adjusting the environmental settings, the user can adapt the game on personal preferences and create a never boring game.

Realistic instruments like wind measurement system, log and GPS can be selected to give the user the information that is normally needed aboard a ship. Those instruments enable the user to see the result of actions and plan whatever needed to get the best possible result in a training or regatta situation.

Sail Simulator 4.0 is capable of sending NMEA-data like GPS output. If the Sail Simulator PC is connected with a laptop that runs a GPS-navigation program like WinGPS Pro, the user can create an ideal training environment for practising GPS-navigational skills.

More information about Sail Simulator 4.0, screendumps for publication and a demo version can be found at our site or by contacting:

Stentec Software
Lesley Nierop
Phone: +31 – 515-443515
Fax: +31 – 515-442824


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