Digital View, Inc. Introduces New SeaView Display MB-800 Display
Marine, Bulkhead Monitor Offers More Convenient Compact Size,
Automatic Image Scaling and Low Power Consumption

June 7th, 2001 (Morgan Hill, Calif.) - SeaView Displays,, a division of Silicon Valley-based Digital View, Inc., is introducing the MB-800 Monitor, as the newest monitor in their effort to become the top marine electronic monitor provider. The MB-800, because of its compact size, allows Digital View to offer the same high quality monitor at a much more affordable and convenient price. The MB-800 offers the resolution of a 12" monitor in a compact 8.4" monitor. with dimensions of 234.95mm by 203.20 mm. Another main feature of the MB-800 is that it uses less power than a 10" and 12" monitor but still maintains the same resolution quality.

"The new MB-800 will provide mariners with a marine monitor that will be convenient and easy-to-mount," says Jon G. Lutter, Digital View's president, sales and marketing. "Boaters will be now be able to take advantage of the
compact size and enhanced features as a new and improved marine display."

The MB-800 was designed for any application where bulkhead mounting is required. Our display features automatic scaling at VGA to XGA resolutions, meaning that no computer settings will ever need to be changed for below deck and full daylight viewing visibility. The VGA resolution provides easy access to navigational functions, which offers you onboard versatility. Because of the full range of brightness controls, and the ability to range from 800 nits down to 3 nits, the MB-800 is versatile enough to handle any lighting situation a boater may encounter.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price for the MB-800 is $2,625.

About SeaView Displays

SeaView Displays is the marine electronics division of Digital View, Inc., a world leader in controller and LCD monitor solutions for medical, retail, entertainment, aircraft and other high-tech industries.

To learn more about SeaView MB-800, see you local marine electronics dealer, or contact:

Digital View, Inc.
18440 Technology Drive
Building 130
Morgan Hill, CA 95037
Telephone: 408.782-7773

Or visit the SeaView Displays web site at


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