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Mobile Inmarsat communications: Exchanging messages via Inmarsat is now even easier, thanks to SkyFile 3.0 from DeTeSat. New software package optimizes message and data transmission for Inmarsat-A, -B, -ISDN, -M and -Phone DeTeSat, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, has been offering its Inmarsat customers a supplementary service and related SkyFile software since September 2000. Formerly known as SkyHub, this service can be combined with SkyFile as an economical way to send compressed e-mail, fax and SMS messages via Inmarsat. The new optimized SkyFile Version 3.0 is now available, featuring functional and service enhancements that boost its range of applications, at the same time making the software easier to install and run.

The SkyFile 3.0 e-mail program was developed specifically for low-cost, optimized global message and data transmission via Inmarsat-A, -B, -ISDN, -M and -Phone. The new software provides a common user interface for sending e-mail, fax and SMS messages. Any user with a basic understanding of MS Windows can easily install the software and then compose, manage and send their own messages.


SkyFile 3.0 automatically compresses the data transmitted to and from an Inmarsat terminal, which can reduce call charges by as much as 60 percent. Once the connection has been set up, the mobile Inmarsat equipment can send and receive data simultaneously, cutting transmission times again by another 50 percent. If disturbances cause an abrupt disconnection, SkyFile 3.0 automatically tells the system to resume the call at the exact point where it was interrupted.

If desired, you can have an Inmarsat-C or SMS notification sent to your mobile telephone when messages arrive at your Inmarsat equipment. This short message service (SMS) saves you the trouble of accessing your mailbox to see if any messages have arrived. As another optional feature, users sending messages to a mobile Inmarsat terminal on the high seas can also receive notification of arrival from the ship. To avoid receiving unwanted messages or e-mails with large attachments that can increase the cost of the call, the new software lets you enter a password on the subject line or set a limit on the size of unwanted e-mails of excessive length. When an Inmarsat terminal receives a file attachment that exceeds the specified size limit, it sends you only the address information and the transmitted text . You can also cancel the receipt of incoming file attachments manually at any time. In addition, the new software blocks transmission of HTML duplicates.

In its capacity as German sales partner for Inmarsat products, DeTeSat’s Mobile Services section runs its own Inmarsat land earth station in Raisting near Munich and handles over 400,000 incoming calls per month.

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