Aurizon Technologies to launch the world's first Handheld Fish Finders technology


Sydney-based Aurizon Technologies., best known for its Marine and Fishing Electronic products, today announced the new release of the first compact digital fish-finder.

Speaking at the launch on 17 December, Aurizon said currently more than 120 million people enjoy leisure fishing around the world, where the fishing equipment market is worth around US$200 billion.

However, conventional fishfinders - large equipment normally installed on board - usually require complicated handling to find a shoal of fish and are difficult for fishing beginners to use.

Size of a palm organizer

Aurizon's new product weighs in, the company said, at a mere 180 grams without batteries and at around the size of palm organizer, is small enough to be hand-carried.

Using a simple menu operation, the size, shape, and depth of a fish shoal, as well as the sea depth and condition up to 40 metres, can be clearly shown on a digital readout with numbers and graphics. An alarm function also gives notice when a fish shoal is found.

Aurizon said its fish-finder, which will be available worldwide from 1 January 2002, is ideal for ice fishing and for those looking for easy-to-use and versatile fishing equipment at a reasonable price.

Specifications (AFL-1000)
Depth Capability: 40m
Operation Frequency: 350 kHz
Display Area: 38mm x 46mm (1.5" x 1.8")
Unit Size: 4cm H x 7cm W x 11cm L
Power: 6V DC (4 x "AA" ALKALINE Batteries)
Transducer Cable Length: 10.7m (35')
Transducer Angle: 45 Degree
Operating temperature: -20o C~78o C
Storage temperature: -45o C~80o C

Aurizon Technologies Co., Ltd.
Adam Shields "Press Room"
Sydney, NSW
Phone: 61 2 97407674
Fax: 61 2 97407676


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