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If you wish to broadcast a message to the <ME> group, send it to:

with <ME> at the first of the subject line. You must include your company name, address and phone number in each submission.

Please clearly indicate in the subject line if you want the item, or if it is for sale, or Info wanted etc so that the content is immediately apparent to the reader and they can easliy delete if they find no interest in the subject matter.


<ME> WTB Raytheon R-10XX Radar Antenna New or used
<ME> WANT Manual for JRC 1234 Radar
<ME> FS HP Signal Generator
<ME> NMEA Regional meeting Florida 13 May - all welcome

This <ME> mailing list was established to promote dialog among those in the Marine Electronics Industry. Use it to seek parts, manuals, to discuss technical matters or issues etc., or announce surplus product for sale. It is not meant as an advertising vehicle for manufacturers although press releases are most welcome. This is a moderated mailing list. I hope that you will find it useful.

We cannot be responsible for the content of submissions !

Important !!!

When responding to a posting, do not hit REPLY or it will go to the webmaster. 
Make sure you send it to the writer !

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The Marine Electronics Homepage accepting also technical papers to be published on the ME site FREE of charge.
Full credits will be given with email address and links to your webpage.


Thank you for interest and support !

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